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Hello All!
Student Council is a great extra curricular activity that we offer here at L. Hollingworth School. Student Council is made up of 7th and 8th grade students that are elected by their classmates. Throughout the year they work to create fantastic activities and programs for the students to be a part of. This includes dances, concessions stands at sports events, fundraisers, and so much more! I am always excited to hear new ideas and to see what these students have in mind for their school. If you have any ideas, please feel free to reach out. Attached are the job descriptions in council. As events are planned, I will keep this website up to date with the latest information. 
Everything below this post is from this school year. Above is current information. 
Hello all! 
Student Council is getting ready for their first fundraiser for the year! This one is not for the school though. Instead we would like to support a local family going through a tough time. We heard about this story from the news and it sprung us into action. Below is the link to the story. We would like to encourage families to allow their students to buy these snacks in order to support this family in need. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at any time ([email protected]).
Hello all! 
A week ago the kiddos started a fundraiser for a local family in need. With a lot of support from the students, we have raised some good money for this family and their son. We will be donating all the proceeds of this fundraiser directly to the family so they can use it for their little guy. The links below are the story of this family and their GoFundMe page. 
Thank you for all your support! 
This is going to be a great event! Be sure you do not miss it :) 
Hello all, 
There has been a change to our Council this year. The roaster for the 2019-2020 Student Council is now as follows: 
President: Remontay 
Vice President: J'Yanna 
Treasurer: Jasmine 
Secretary: Esteban/ LaKerra  
8th Representative: Christian 
7th Representative: Kennedy 
We are so proud of these kiddos! We appreciate all the support we get from the school and our community. Please let us know if you have any suggestions or questions for us. 
Hello all!
The teacher vs student volleyball game is tomorrow at the end of the day. Volleyball players please remember to wear your Champion shirts! All students, there will be a concession stand. If you want snacks as you watch the game, be sure to bring a couple dollars😊