Updates for the Last Few Days

Hey everyone! We have a few updates for the next few days. 
5-19-21 (Wednesday): We will not have in building small group. The kiddos will still have work to do in all of their classes with pre-recorded videos. 
5-20-21/5-21-21 (Thursday and Friday): We will not have live online classes. The teachers will have pre-recorded videos letting the students know what they should be doing. We will have live office hours using Mr. Nichols' link from 12:00-2:00pm. All 4 teachers will be there to help with any work. 
5-24-21 (Monday): This will be a normal day in building :) 
5-25-21 (Tuesday): This will be a normal day in building:) We will be conducting school technology turn in on this day. Students need to bring all of the technology provided by L. Hollingworth back to the school. Remote kiddos are urged to bring in their technology to the office between 12:40-3:00pm. 
5-26-21 (Wednesday): 8th graduation car parade will be from 1:00-2:00pm. Any remote learners that have not turned in school technology needs to do so between 8:00-3:00pm.