Safety and Security Protocols

December 8, 2021
Dear Parents/Guardians
As the education community and the entire country work to process the news of the tragedy that occurred at Oxford High School in suburban Detroit last week, L. Hollingworth School wants to reiterate that the safety of our students and staff is our top priority. That is why we are taking the time to write this letter to you because we feel it is necessary for us to address this topic and communicate with you directly.
First and foremost, we want to let you know that we continue to have safety and security protocols in place in order to ensure that our students and staff are as prepared as possible in any any type of emergency scenario. All threats of harm or violence are taken very seriously, even if deemed not credible. Our leadership team along with local law enforcement will investigate all threats in order to take the best course of action.
We are also taking a zero-tolerance approach to threats made as suggestions or jokes by students, and will follow through with discipline consistent with the Student Code Of Conduct for any student found to be involved. Additional legal penalties may be considered as well. Still, we understand the fear and concern that all these types of instances can generate.
Also, we would like to take this opportunity to inform you that students should not have their cell phones on them during class. During school hours, we have a no phone policy for our students. This means that the students will be asked to house their cell phone either in their back-pack, locker or in an area that the school provides in the classroom. It is very important that in a time of emergency, our phone lines at the school stay clear so that we are able to communicate with any and all necessary emergency personnel. We also want to make sure that we are sending one clear and accurate message out to our community in times of distress, and not a one-sided version of the facts that our young people often communicate.
We know that these are very concerning times for a parent or guardian. Please know that providing children in our care with the education they deserve is a collective responsibility. Equally, providing a safe, secure and positive learning environment each day remains our top priority. We appreciate all of your support and the role you play in helping us achieve this goal.
L. Hollingworth School