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  • Shetzer Creations News We are staying home, But we can learn online! Stay apart, but work together! We will learn! We will grow! Stay healthy! Stay strong! Coming soon online! 00:60 Remote Learning ~ We're Learning Online!

    Introduction video

    Uploaded Aug 12, 2020 by Linda Shetzer
  • intro video 00:60 We're Learning Online!

    Intro video.

    Uploaded Aug 12, 2020
  • 13:31 Chick 4 Hatches

    Egg numbered 16 is the 4th to hatch today. It is an Olive Egger. If it's a girl she will lay olive colored eggs. In this video you can see how the chick pecks a ring around the egg until she can push her body straight and hatch out. You can see how very tired she is from her work. If you watch carefully you will see bits of shell pop off as she uses her egg tooth from the inside poking through the membrane and the shell. Her pecking action surprises Lilly, the chick resting next to her egg. It is such an amazing feat.

    Uploaded May 28, 2020 by Jamie Bauer
  • Summer Break. 3:22 Have a Great Summer!

    Be safe, be careful, and I will be thinking of you. Thank you for your stories and your smiles, I will surely miss them! Have a wonderful summer.

    Uploaded May 28, 2020 by Hannah Waldron
  • Last video update of the year. 6:47 Last Video Update of the Year

    Please watch for important updates.

    Uploaded May 18, 2020 by Danya Claes

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