About Our School

LHS aspires to create an educational environment that provides academic acceleration, personalized support, authentic assessment, and school-wide differentiated learning activities. We strongly believe that every child who demonstrates the capability for high achievement in academic, creativity or leadership areas that are not being addressed within a conventional educational environment deserves an opportunity to learn within an environment, where they will be allowed to develop their capabilities and unique gifts completely.
The following goals lead our efforts to recognize and offer exceptional academic support to ALL students:
  • To provide a structured and proven curriculum focusing on literacy, mathematics, and core academic content that will maximize each student’s personal, educational, and social potential.
  • To improve academic performance by staffing each classroom with highly qualified teachers.
  • To create an educational environment that provides the highest academic standards for students who are gifted, talented, or twice-exceptional.
LHS will serve students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Our mission of promoting academic excellence and providing students with a viable educational alternative that fosters an academically challenging environment focused on the learner’s needs. The class sizes will be small, allowing the teacher to develop a unique bond with the student. The students’ diversity of needs will require highly individualized instruction through structured lessons, portfolios, and mentors from the community.

Student-Centered Approach

We believe the educational program should focus on the learner’s specific needs that will support learning on a whole new level. For example, students should be equipped with a laptop computer, printer, and Internet access, and have multi-media support within the classroom setting. Also, our students would have access to state-of-the-art learning equipment and manipulatives in the areas of math, reading, science, and the arts. Students who attend LHS will receive specialized attention to map out their plan of work, meet standardized goals and benchmarks, and strategize their level of participation. Recognizing that some students may excel in multiple areas of study and lack in other areas, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) may support specific areas of deficiency.
Student Support Services
The Special Needs Department will provide educational opportunities for all students, plus additional challenges for students that exhibit and have been identified as Twice Exceptional or Talented and Gifted. LHS will focus on the “whole child” by enhancing their academic and social skills. Individual Education Plans (IEP) will be developed to provide additional support for students who require specific, educational assistance. Students classified as Talented & Gifted will have a Written Education Plan (WEP) created to challenge them to maximize their full, academic, and social potential. We recognize that the diversity of student needs will demand highly individualized instruction. Instruction will consist of structured lessons, portfolios, and mentors from the community. These areas will be critical elements and vital to the success of each student.
From time to time, students may require additional specialized services to support their academic and social development. Northwest Ohio Speech-Language and Rehabilitation Services and Partners for Success and Innovation (PSI) which provides psychological services, will be used as needed.
Also, other behavioral healthcare agencies will provide additional support as applicable.
LHS will also adopt the “Inclusion Philosophy” that allow each child an opportunity for varied social interaction, and additional instructional support provided within the classroom setting. Research and evidence suggest that the “inclusion philosophy” will improve education for both the general and special education student (An Inclusion Talkback, 1996). 
Child Find Policy
LHS supports and complies with all applicable federal and state laws, procedures, and policies regarding the school's child find responsibilities.  The school will conduct all child find activities for students who are enrolled in the school (geographical area) so that they are appropriately located, identifies, and referred for evaluation.  Parents or guardians have the right to review their child's records and refuse permission to release information (except as required by, or permitted by, law to be released). For more information, please contact the Special Education & Ancillary Services Coordinator at 419-705-3411.