Important Information from the Head Of School

January 30, 2023

Dear LHS Family Parents/Guardians,

Recently, the school was notified of a situation that has deeply affected our school family. On January 29th, a third grade student from our school passed away tragically in a car accident. We are all saddened by this loss and our prayers and thoughts go out to the student’s family. 

Death is a difficult issue for anyone to deal with. Emotional reactions are expected. These reactions may rise and fall throughout the day, and even for days to come.

It is very important to be able to express our feelings about this situation, especially our loss and sadness. We want you to know that there will be administrators, teachers and counselors available throughout the school day to talk with your student, if needed, about their reactions and questions. Additional grief counselors and therapy dogs will also be available in school this week to assist our students and staff with the grieving process as needed. As a family, we will work together to help each other through this difficult time.

 When reacting to a death, a child may:

  • Appear not to be affected
  • Ask a lot of questions
  • Be agitated and angry
  • Try extra hard to be good
  • Be thinking about it privately
  • Be frightened
  • Be sad and withdrawn

If your child seems like they need to talk, answer their questions simply, honestly and possibly over and over again. If you would like to specifically request counseling services for your child this week, or elect to waive services, please notify your child’s teacher or the main office. 

Should you or your student need to speak with someone after school hours, you can contact the Lucas County Crisis Helpline anytime to speak to a counselor. Their phone number is 419-904-2273.

We appreciate your support as we navigate this tragedy together. LHS remains committed to serving our students, family, and community. Please do not hesitate to contact the main office if you have any questions. 


Megan DeSloover 

Head of School