Pre-K Building Expansion Update

Pre-K Building Expansion Update!

I attended the Toledo City Council meeting on July 18 and want to update members of the L. Hollingworth School family on the community development plan to support our new pre-K program.
As previously reported, the Toledo City Plan Commission has recommended approval of our plan to develop the neighboring properties. Unfortunately, one city council member and three neighbors (who are all members of one extended family), continue to block our development plan. Their focus, now that we’ve addressed their false and irrelevant claims, is primarily limited to concerns about traffic, which was a problem long before LHS existed.
At its July 12 meeting, the Zoning & Planning Committee opted to send our request for a Special Use Permit and three waivers to the full Toledo City Council without a recommendation on approval.
Toledo City Council met on July 18, and again failed to vote on our Special Use Permit and waivers despite the fact that our plan is in full compliance with all requirements. It came as a surprise when Councilwoman Theresa Gadus, who represents the district in which the LHS is located, attempted to introduced an amendment to further delay approval.
The full council will consider our request again at its August 15 meeting.
We will continue our efforts to move the plan forward and are confident in ultimate approval.

In the meantime, our planning for the 2023-2024 school year will continue, as will our efforts to move our community development plan forward.

Thanks, as always, for your continued support of the L. Hollingworth School.

Terrence C. Franklin 
Founder & Superintendent




Picture of City Council members.