Mandatory Vision/Hearing Screening Process & Procedures

Mandatory Vision/Hearing Screening Process & Procedures

June 1st, 2024

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Ohio Department of Education requires that all Kindergarteners, 1st, 3rd, and 5th graders, and any new LHS students receive a vision/hearing screening. All students in grade 7 require only a vision screening. These screenings will be conducted by a licensed school nurse. 

This letter is to inform you that your child will receive these mandatory screenings during the Fall of the 2024-2025 School year. 

If your child has been seen by their doctor and or optometrist within the last year, please provide a copy of their results to the front office as soon as possible.


Marrissa Gracia

Special Education & Student Ancillary Coordinator 

(419)705-3411 ext. 103