Aricka G-W

Overall, I love this school. It's a "gem" in the midst of all the other surrounding schools. If you want a secure, caring, exciting, PROFESSIONAL learning environment for your children, enroll them at L. Hollingworth School.

Melanie J

My children love going here. The staff and teachers are amazing. Thank you for teaching my children and preparing them for their future.

Cecillia B

This is a beautiful school. I love that they're very family orientated and that they do a lot for the kids. The uniforms are amazing; the kids all look so nice in them! I recommend this school to everyone who is looking for somewhere new to send their children.

Holly W

Great staff, very caring and very involved when problems arise between students. Proactive, friendly and a safe environment.

Corey and Erika

We truly feel like part of a large family at L. Hollingworth. All of the staff actually cares! Not just through words but actions. We wouldn't pick any other school in town! Awesome leadership and integrity from the top down.

Raymond L.

Love this school! We will never forget the awesome learning experience we had with the school over the years. We love you and thank you for being so great.

Jackie B

Absolutely love this school! All of the staff is very helpful and very caring.

Sabrina D

This is an awesome school the teachers and other staff are great!
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